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Department of Information Technology (Degree Wing)

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Department of Information Technology

HOD's Desk


The mission of the department is to provide quality education and attaining academic excellence for students. The steady rise in number of students opting for specialization in Information Technology is testimony for that. The department consist of faculty members with Industrial & academic experience. The key areas of research of faculty members includes information retrieval. Wireless, Sensor Networks, Cyber Security, Digital Image Processing, Cloud Computing etc. Students are also motivated to do research projects under the supervision of faculty members. The department is well equipped with state of the art research labs and having regular Industry institute interaction for students. Graduates of the program will be able to lead a team of diversified professionals and will be able to provide I.T. solution to address the business and societal needs.

About the Department

The Department of Information Technology was founded in 2007 with intake of 60 Students. The department's goal is to create a cutting-edge knowledge centre in information technology research that creates engineers who are technically committed to professionalism and responsible citizenship. The department features well-equipped laboratories, as well as highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty members. The department has a conducive learning environment for both students and staff. In order to face the difficulties of the industries, students in the fields of Information Technology receive high-quality technical education that is specifically designed to the needs of the industry and for well being of the society. The department meets the needs of the Information Technology industry by providing students with the necessary skills in software development, information technology and software testing, artificial intelligence, computer networks, mobile computing, cloud computing, blockchain technology and a variety of other advanced areas. The department has come a long way since its start. Careers in Information Technology Department- • Data Scientist • Cloud Architect • Mobile App Developer(Android, IOS) • Blockchain developers. • Software Consultant • Systems Developer/Engineer • Software Engineers • System Analysts • DBA (Database Developer and Administrator) • Academics (Teaching/ Research/Training) • Software Testers • Data Science Analysts • Network Administrator • Network Architect • PSUs, Civil Services. Vision- To create the most conducive environment for quality academic, research and industry oriented, undergraduates in information technology that aim towards producing competent professional with research and innovative skills, inculcating ethical values for betterment of divyangs, normal students and society. Mission  M1: To provide quality education and attaining academic excellence for students.  M2: To develop leadership, accountability and professionalism.  M3: To upgrade the faculty and supporting staff to enhance their professional knowledge through relevant scholastic programs.  M4: To enhance the labs to impart quality knowledge through practical environment for students.  M5: To produce graduates with excellent skills through academic-industry interaction.

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Sr. No. Name Designation Department Image
1 Kapil Kumar Pandey Asst. Professor Information Technology department View
2 Dr. Abhishek Prabhakar HOD/Incharge Information Technology department View
3 Shanu Gaura Asst. Professor Information Technology department View
4 Pragati Dwivedi Asst. Professor Information Technology department View
5 Abhishek Agnihotri Asst. Professor Information Technology department View
6 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari Asst. Professor Information Technology department View


Sr. No. Name Designation Department Image


Department of Information Technology

Programme Offered (intake)


Well Equipped Laboratories

  • Multimedia & Animation.
  • Web and application development.
  • Compiler Design and RDBMS.
information technology
information technology

    Special features

  • Expert faculties giving guidance in interdisciplinary subjects like Cyber Security, and cryptography/network security.
  • Students are guided to follow the principles of software engineering relevant to the production of large software systems or package according to IEEE standards.
  • The students are trained to perform a variety of duties that ranges from installing applications to design complex computer networks and information data basis.

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First Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Second Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Third Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Fourth Year

Sr. No. Roll No Name of Student Year Department

Session Wise Student List

Sr. No. Project Title Project Guide
1 Lung Cancer Detection using Machine Learning Mr. Kapil Kumar Pandey, Dr. Abhishek Prabhakar More 2 Emotion Detection using Speech Recognition Dr. Abhishek Prabhakar, Kapil Kumar Pandey More 3 Eager Eye Dr. Abhishek Prabhakar, Dr. S.K. Pandey More 4 Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Mr. Kapil Kumar Pandey, Dr. S.K. Pandey More 5 Image Detection using Python Dr. Abhishek Prabhakar, Abhishek Agnihotri More