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Academic Infrastructure


The institute covers the area of 15 acres, (14,000 Well furnished buildings has been constructed so far. The campus is specially designed for handicapped peoples. It has barrier free infrastructure where persons confined on wheelchair may also approach different classrooms, labs, library etc.

There is a substation of 11KV/400V capacity within the campus for electrical power supply. Diesel generator of different capacities are also installed for an uninterrupted power supply. The institute is also having its own water supply facility.


The 15 Acres of land area is located in west campus, HBTI awadhpuri kanpur. It is allocated Specifically for institutional purposes. The campus of the Institute is well connected to the main road. The institute is approx at a distance of 500mt. and well connected from the National Highway Grand Trunk Road.

Several Govt. as well as Private organisations Rama Dental Medical College, Jawaharlal Nehru Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, V.S.N.L., U.P.S.I.D.C., Board of Apprenticeship & Trg., Trade Tax building etc. are in the close vicinity of the institute.


Main Building

In the institute there are separate interconnected blocks for each department along with the Administritative block. Comfortable movement of students including handicapped ones, from one place to another is assured with other necessary public services, meeting the norms and standards for physically disabled persons. The Administrative block comprises of Director's office, Academic areas Examinations cell, Computer lab, Conference/Committee room with Teaching faculty and other staff cabins.